Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I read a book, written by the very famous Abdullah Hussien Alattas or known as Uncle Seekers. Do you know that there are 99 types of ghost here in Malaysia? One that really captures me was Hantu Kengkeng. One that im not familiar with. The one im about to share with you.

Hantu Kengkeng is the male version of Hantu Kopek. Just like Hantu Kopek, Hantu Kengkeng attacks the victim with their private part. If Hantu Kopek hides children under their big boobs, Hantu Kengkeng on the other side, will used his private part to hurt the victims.

Hantu Kengkeng is so tall (like hantu galah) that people might mistaken their legs for trees. Hantu Kengkeng will swing his very loooong **** towards the victim to make them fall. When the victim tries to get up, hantu kengkeng will attack non stop until the victim become so weak. You are lucky if you could get away from hantu kengkeng when it attacks you!

Anywys, Do you think Hantu Kengkeng really exist? I dnt know, that's why im sharing it with you. For us to discuss, for you to give me some info. :) Maybe Hantu Kengkeng is a ghost of a flasher. haha i dnt know. help me out people!