Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The New Chapter,

Welcome bloggers/readers/paranormal lovers,

Momok-jgnpanggilaku is a new blog under Galaksi Seni. But fret not people, momokthemovie is still progessing. You can still read the blog and get yourself updated. :)

What makes it diff, this blog is in english. But i've been thinking of making it bilingual or manglish. Oh and with this blog, you can interact with us. By means, if you have any ghost/supernatural mysteries to share, e-mail it to me at and if your story is spooky enough, i will post it in this blog. :) Now you can share your paranormal experience with people who believes.

Link this blog, share it with everyone! Drop here some comments, ideas and whatnot. we will surely appreciate it.

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